Wahoo Fever is Real January 23, 2017

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With the Key West Wahoo Shootout around the corner (Jan. 28 & 29th at the Waterfront Brewery) I thought it would be a good time to share my wahoo tails and media! Triple C will have a team this year sponsored by Saltwater Syndicate apparel to defend the 1st place title. (Watch 2016 wahoo video)

I arrived back from the South Pacific only to find myself surrounded by schools of Wahoo! My first day back in the water I saw more Wahoo off Key West in a few hours than I saw on my entire trip to California, Tonga, New Zealand, and Australia.  With crystal clear water and schools of big fish around I hit the ground running jumping right back into work as a spearfishing guide with my good friend Chris Mendola of Farout Charters using my custom spearguns. After a few successful trips we started to book like crazy due to Instagram and Chris found himself running more spearfishing charters than fishing for the first time!

This year we have put 15 people on their first wahoo with 10 of them using Triple C Spearguns that are designed specifically for Key West waters. With one of the best fishing Captains at the helm, Chris Mendola, and myself in the water we have become a deadly combo. Chris has the knowledge to find the fish while I bring the safety of a Freediving Instructor with the best spearfishing gear and hunting strategies for wahoo that I have picked up from spearfishing all over the world. We also have at professional grade underwater cameras to catch all the action, most clients go home with high quality photos & videos of their catch! (see gallery below)

Everyone wants to spear their first wahoo because they are a magnificent fish to see underwater, they taste amazing raw or cooked, and put up a fight like no other fish in the Keys with an average size of 40 but up to 90 pounds! You also never know what you will see drifting in the bluewater, we are frequently visited by sailfish, plenty black groupers, free swimming mutton snappers, and even cycled finned yellowfin tunas around 150 pounds each!

The wahoo is the king of the reef but they only show up during select times of the year and prefer the clearest water, their dark blue backs with the ability to change stripes and colors makes them a master of camouflage. 90 percent of the time you will be surprised by a wahoo, drifting in the bluewater they suddenly appear right in front of you or below! With clean bluewater and large size of these fish make it very hard to judge the distance between you and the fish so my one suggestion is to get close as you can and make the most of your opportunity!




Cole Harrison

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